Friday, July 14, 2017

What a new year! Part 1

How are we over halfway through the "new year" already?!

It has been a whole new year to know better and do better! Upon reflection, 2010-2017 have taught me that the following quote from Steve Harvey is true.

"Two things come out of adversity: there's a lesson and there's a blessing." - Steve Harvey

Over the last 7 years I have experienced normal life transitions but I have been working to see the lesson and the blessing in the experiences.

In 2010, I learned how important sharing the Gospel regularly was to me. I made a decision that I if I didn't become a full-time missionary, I was going to have to do something where I could live out my faith and tell people about Jesus. I was influenced by the Bible, Christian friends in a campus ministry that I was a part of, a book called A Life that Matters by Ron Hutchcraft, and several mission trips. I saw that there were thousands of people within my community who did not have a relationship with the Lord. It really bothered me. I believed that the Lord burdened me with a glimpse of how He sees lost people - with His love, mercy, and grace. It was challenging to hit the streets with the Gospel regularly, but I did it with a group of committed peers. I saw the blessing of being obedient to the Lord's command to "go" and had the opportunity to pray with people to give their lives to the Lord. Even now, I'm a member of the evangelism team at my church.

In 2011, I graduated from college with no job prospects and spent months looking for full-time work. While looking for something full-time, I found 2 part-time jobs where I learned that I do like working with people but not kids. I admire people who connect with kids easily, gain their respect, and keep them in line. I can relate to teens and adults well but I feel like the kindergarten teacher from the cartoon, Recess, when I work with kids. I learned about the challenges of being unemployed and the blessing of the Lord's provision.

To be continued...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Listening to the Spirit

"Where is my calendar?!?!"

In my job, I HAVE to have my calendar. We're old school at my job - we don't keep our daily schedules on our phones. So I have a paper calendar...and when I couldn't find it yesterday, I panicked.

"Am I missing a meeting? What am I supposed to be doing right now?"

Pray! "Holy Spirit, I know you know what I'm supposed to be doing right now and what's on my calendar. Would you tell me?"

Of course He did.

I still called the event venue where I had a work event the night before, "Has anyone seen a gray calendar with my name on the front?"


"I know it's there!" I thought. The Holy Spirit showed me where I left it on the seat.

I didn't tell the secretary that thinking she would think I was crazy. I gave her my contact information so she could call me when she found it cuz I knew it was there!

I went home from my office to check there, too, instead of just relying on Him. About 15 minutes after I returned from my apartment, the secretary called me back.

"I found it!" She said.

"Where was it?" I asked.

"In the back of the sanctuary." On the seat.

Right where the Holy Spirit told me. I should've just listened to Him in the first place and gone straight to the event venue where I knew it was. No matter what she said. Another lesson learned in listening to Him...No matter what it looks like. No matter what people say.

Monday, January 9, 2017

This year

I LOVE making lists. Tell me how I made this list on paper, but haven't looked for it to finish this post. So I guess this will be my most random post of the year...the first one of the year, too. This just might be my most random post EVER. Happy New Year!

5 things I want to do this year

1. Spend once a month with someone who's older than me. I need mentors in my life. This should be face-to-face. At the apartment or at a meal. Enjoy their company and glean from them.

2. Run a 5K. Actually run this time. Not walk most of it and jog a few minutes. RUN!

3. Finally finish reading the Old Testament. I tell you what, if I read one more list of genealogies...just one mo'!!! Mercy!!! There's some gold in that Old Testament though and I have to read to get through it.

4. Travel to a Spanish-speaking country...still trying to learn Spanish.

5. Deepen my friendships. I have a lot of "friends" but I want to actually know them and be known.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Juicy gossip I love a good story! Well, as long as the story doesn't hurt someone. But that's what gossip does, right? Someone is harmed. Whether it's the person that you're talking about or yourself or the hearer.

One day when I was about 19 years old, I learned that a good friend of mine was dating a girlfriend of mine. A mutual friend told me about this, but I hadn't confirmed it with the guy friend. She and I sat and mused about why he wouldn't have told me and what the girlfriend had told us about the relationship. Me being me - I called the guy.

"So I hear you and so-and-so went out," I said.

"This is so high school!" he said, obviously annoyed and a bit disappointed that I'd stooped to the level of high school, cafeteria-style gossip.

I called the friend back who told me the original news. "Girl, we were caught up in gossip!" I said.

I hadn't even thought of it as gossip. Neither had she. We both were immediately ashamed.

"Let's look at what the Bible says about this and not do it again." We agreed.

Follow this link to read about the 8 types of gossip and look at Bible verses. In 2017 and beyond let's stay out of gossip!
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