Monday, May 30, 2016

Why I love to talk about race

As a Black Southern person (yes I do consider myself to be "Black" first then "Southern"), I love talking about race because so many people try to avoid it like there is no such thing as "race" or that people are "color blind". I know for a fact that people who were not born "color blind" can indeed see the color of my skin whether they claim to care about the color or not.

It's funny to me when people believe that racism is dead. Ever since I was a kid my father taught me that people may mistreat us, or treat us differently, of our skin. I've seen this to be true from the classroom to the board room. Not just towards African Americans but to other people of color.

When thinking about the ugliness of racism I have to remember God's grace, mercy, and ministry of reconciliation. It is because of Jesus that any of us can experience these treasures from the Lord and overcome the sin around us.

For discussions of race from a Christian perspective, check out The Crocker Chronicles, a great blog that explores the topic at length.

Later days! And Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Prayer journal

Over the past year I started more regularly keeping a prayer journal. I had heard yearssss ago that it was a great way to keep track of your prayers and when they were answered. I'm lazy and a procrastinator about many things... this was no different.

About 3 years ago a good friend of mine challenged me to step up my "prayer life". At first I was insulted. We barely knew each other at that point and I thought, "How DARE he?! I PRAY! How you gon' challenge me to step up my prayer life?!" I led the prayer team in a ministry I was a part of years earlier. However, I hadn't been praying as much as I should have around the time my friend put forth his appeal. Truth be told, the Holy Spirit had been nudging me to pray more so I knew that this guy was on point. I pushed pride out of the way and brought my flesh under subjection.

I went to a prayer conference at my church the following year and won a journal as a door prize. I figured I might as well turn it into a prayer journal. I wrote very little in it that year (2014). By 2015... told you I was a procrastinator... I had started to mark that puppy up as I saw how the Lord was answering my prayers! The more He answered and I wrote it down, the more I wanted to pray!

You see, it wasn't that the Lord only answered when I wrote them down; it was that I had a record of His work in my life that I could refer to. And don't be fooled; not every prayer got a "yes". Some got a "no" and I was a little disappointed but glad to hear from the Lord.

As I began to check off answered prayers, I grew excited about the work He was doing that was exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ask or think!

Do you keep a prayer journal?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

She had a birfday!!

My roommate had a birfday, y'all! Check out this cake! I wanted to get her something fabulous for the big day so we did this! Well, almost this. It was basically this cake minus the bust in the top right corner.

It's cool to be able to afford to celebrate the people that you care about while they still have breath in their bodies. Grateful to God for this woman!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I luh Canada
So there are a few places that are dear to my heart: my hometown, any library, a Bible-teaching church, and...Canada. Lord, have mercy! I luh me some Canada. I've only been once...and it was only for a few hours, but I love the place!

There is something very exhilarating for me about traveling to another country. My passport opens doors that my mind has only dreamed of and my eyes have only seen in pictures and videos. It gives me a chance to experience another culture and to make memories that will last a lifetime! God's creation is beautiful - from the people He made to the cultures He gave them the imaginations to create.

Looking forward to my next trip to Canada!
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