Saturday, September 27, 2014

Updates on my struggles: Part 2

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Laziness in the morning...this happens to many of us. We have the best intentions of getting up when our alarms go off.

Unfortunately, I don't have a real update on my morning routine. I've been getting to work on time more often but hit that snooze button basically every day.

However, I'm not as lazy as I was last year around this time. I've figured out how to get more things done during the days (especially on the weekends) so that I have a social life and a work life. I've been doing better at getting dishes done.

Still have to improve on getting my laundry folded and put away after it's done.
Trying to get back on track with consistently reading my Bible in the mornings so that I START my days off right!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Update on showing love

So, ya might be curious on how "30 Days of Late Summer Love" went. It was a wild success but I was able to send some love via the United States Postal Service, hand-written notes, food, and little gifts.

It was great to really be intentional about letting the people in my life know that I care about them. I didn't do as much as I wanted, but I was able to make a small impact.

My goal is not to let the "project" end, but to really show the love of God that has been extended to me! In that regard, there is a LOTTA love to give! Praise the Lord!

Stay tuned for how I did with laziness....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Update on my struggles

If you remember from my post quite a while ago about my current struggles, you'll remember that I had some areas of my life that needed WORK. The next several posts will provide updates on those. Let's kick it off with the area I've grown the most in....drum roll please....


Would you believe that the area I've grown the most in is work?? The next updates won't be in any particular order. I've been working on all of these off and on since the February post.

I now feel more settled with my job now that I've been there for over a year. People know my face and relationships of trust have been built. It's pretty exciting to be able to be part of an organization that is really changing the community in which I live for the better. The picture above illustrates how I feel some days with my laptop on one side and the phone to my ear trying to get in touch with someone or remind organizational leaders about an upcoming event. I haven't felt as overwhelmed or

This job, more than any other I've had in my life, has had me at the THRONE OF GRACE because I have been in need of MUCH help and had many TIMES OF NEED. I give the glory to the One to whom it is due - Psalm 54:4 -> "Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life." Amen.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My love life

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Relationships are such a hot topic. Even in the church. I hold the opinion that we shouldn't talk about others' relationships in an effort to gossip. We should talk about our own relationships in an effort to share experiences and wisdom and to encourage one another. Doesn't always happen that way now does it?

A dear, old (literally, 70+) friend of mine would often ask about my "love life" whenever I called her. She was so interested in what type of man I would choose. She viewed me as her granddaughter and had such a different perspective on things than I did. On that note, speaking of my love life, some interesting things have happened.

I have recently had an experience in which God has blessed me to be in a great friendship with a man who sincerely loves Him and is so sweet. The Lord has even used this brother to challenge me in my relationship with the Lord - specifically when it comes to my prayer life and sharing the Gospel. I am so thankful to the Lord for this friendship.

I have no idea where it will go, but for now, I am thankful. I haven't always been so patient when it comes to a relationship, so it is evident that the Lord is doin' a WORK in my heart. My plan for my "love life" consists of showing others the love of Christ so that they see Him and praying fervently for others. My love life is so much more than a relationship with a man of clay. It is about the way I love others.

Ponder that...
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