Monday, January 9, 2017

This year

I LOVE making lists. Tell me how I made this list on paper, but haven't looked for it to finish this post. So I guess this will be my most random post of the year...the first one of the year, too. This just might be my most random post EVER. Happy New Year!

5 things I want to do this year

1. Spend once a month with someone who's older than me. I need mentors in my life. This should be face-to-face. At the apartment or at a meal. Enjoy their company and glean from them.

2. Run a 5K. Actually run this time. Not walk most of it and jog a few minutes. RUN!

3. Finally finish reading the Old Testament. I tell you what, if I read one more list of genealogies...just one mo'!!! Mercy!!! There's some gold in that Old Testament though and I have to read to get through it.

4. Travel to a Spanish-speaking country...still trying to learn Spanish.

5. Deepen my friendships. I have a lot of "friends" but I want to actually know them and be known.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Juicy gossip I love a good story! Well, as long as the story doesn't hurt someone. But that's what gossip does, right? Someone is harmed. Whether it's the person that you're talking about or yourself or the hearer.

One day when I was about 19 years old, I learned that a good friend of mine was dating a girlfriend of mine. A mutual friend told me about this, but I hadn't confirmed it with the guy friend. She and I sat and mused about why he wouldn't have told me and what the girlfriend had told us about the relationship. Me being me - I called the guy.

"So I hear you and so-and-so went out," I said.

"This is so high school!" he said, obviously annoyed and a bit disappointed that I'd stooped to the level of high school, cafeteria-style gossip.

I called the friend back who told me the original news. "Girl, we were caught up in gossip!" I said.

I hadn't even thought of it as gossip. Neither had she. We both were immediately ashamed.

"Let's look at what the Bible says about this and not do it again." We agreed.

Follow this link to read about the 8 types of gossip and look at Bible verses. In 2017 and beyond let's stay out of gossip!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016



Conversation with roommate
Me: I don't know any of our neighbors now. What if we had a neighbor get-together?
Her: I don't really care to get to know them. You can do that if you want.
Me: Ok!

I really appreciate having relationships with people. I don't feel like I need to have my neighbors over all the time or have them all in my business. I just want someone who knows that a believer in Christ lives nearby, know a few people who can look out for my apartment when I'm out of town, have someone to shoot the breeze with on summer days, share joys with and quick complaints about management... You know... Just the usual sitcom type of neighbors.

I really love people. I like having deep relationships with a handful of people and then casual, neighborly relationships with hundreds of people from the church secretary to the girls I can occasionally hang out with through Meetup groups...

Well, I did eventually have that neighbor gathering. Only 2 of our neighbors came over, but we had a great time with them! I tell you what: it felt like a meeting of the United Nations. Me (Black American), my roommate (white American), a Vietnamese male neighbor, and a Somalian male neighbor. I don't know why their wives didn't come. We had an interesting conversation about history, culture...and nail salons...yes, our Vietnamese neighbor owns a nail salon and yes, my roommate wanted to get her nails done!

This was a good exercise in Christian hospitality.
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