Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How I saved $1,000 this year pt. 1

At the end of 2014, I was in quite a bit of personal debt. I'd started trying to keep up with the Joneses on a non-profit salary. I wasn't saving money and was giving money away. I had no idea how much money I was really spending except I watched my bank account closely enough to know that I wasn't overdrafting.

I had a lot of credit cards. I would open an account in a second just to get the discount for applying or the reward that was promised. Not paying off the balance each month sure added a lot of fees. If I had a car repair or some unforeseen expense, I'd charge it.

For a co-worker and I, this was the first time that we'd made "this much" money. She pitched the idea of us making budgets and holding ourselves accountable. Sounded good but I was lazy about tracking my spending and was not up to speed on Smart phones or apps at that time... Still not too technologically savvy now.

I kept hearing about Dave Ramsey and this "Financial Peace University" class. My roommate encouraged me to take it because she took it and it really changed the way she started to relate to/with money.
Since she offered to let me use her book and materials, the class would be free for me...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Getting healthy before the doctor appointment

One day I ran into my grandma at the grocery store.

Even though she only lived across town, I didn't spend much time with her aside from family gatherings. This all changed during my senior year of high school when I started going to visit my grandparents every week. But anyway... Back to the story...

Loose recap..
Grandma: "I gotta get some celery and boil it and drink the water I boil it in every day for the next week."
Me: "Why?" My curiosity at work..
Grandma: "I'm going to the doctor next week."

I immediately busted out laughing at the idea of trying to "get healthy" before going to the doctor. But now... The struggle is real!

I've been under quite a bit of stress at work, gained 7 lbs, and my face broke out in some acne that I haven't been able to get rid of in the last month. I'm bout to buy some Slim Fast and drink more water before my doctor's appointment at the end of the month. I have to get it together before then!

It tickles me that we often look for a quick fix in life. Hard work? Stress? Who needs it? Ain nobody got time fa dat! But the Lord uses the hard times, the stressful moments, and the tight timeframes to work in us to produce character, perseverance, hope, dependence, and trust in Him. So I'll go through the hard times to get to the glory...

I'm still bout to buy this Slim Fast though!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


So I'm still in my fabulous hair phase. I've been so busy/occupied that I haven't given myself time to dream and reflect. I read that some of the most successful (?) people reflect and read...a lot.

As I reflect now, I'm thinking about things that I'm thankful for:

1. Jesus
2. Good health
3. Loving family
4. A job where I can live out my values
5. Fun friends
6. This warm weather
7. A dependable car
8. My brown skin and rich heritage
9. Money
10. Dreams
11. A safe community
12. Living near a pond with a fountain
13. The kids of my friends
14. Books
15. Free movies
16. Free food...ok basically free anything-that-I-want-or-need
17. Oh yeah, includes Cato gift cards (I love that store!)
18. The activity of my limbs
19. Vacation
20. Facebook (so I can keep up with friends...and be nosy)
21. Men
22. Game nights
23. Adventures
24. Music
25. This blog

The list could go on. What are you thankful for?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Update on my struggles: Part 4

Reading the Word. So a whileeee ago, I wrote about struggling to read the Word. Then I got better at it, but didn't give an update! I was doing pretty well I thought until recently. Days would go by when I wouldn't pick up my Bible at all. It was beginning to show in my thought life. I found myself having to work extra hard to keep from snapping at someone but in my head I would be tearing them up!

Finally, I grabbed a hold of myself and made myself pick up my Bible! I have missed a day here and there, but I am definitely not where I was. I used to read my Bible everyday and I have found myself missing the Lord. I'll keep working to get back to where I was and to excel that so that I can please the Lord.

Read yo' Bible!
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